We are a one of the prominent manufacturers and suppliers of an array of UPVC Column Pipes, which are specially fabricated for submersible pumps. The offered uPVC Column Pipes for submersible pumps are designed on newest technology, crafted on the most complicated equipment to distribute the desired performance, meeting the challenges of tough and long duty cycle upto 50 years with an unmatched success rate, yet being the most cost effective option.

upvc column pipe manufacturer

These uPVC column pipes blend the perfect combination of technology and quality that guarantees a long hassle-free performance. Our pipes are a perfect replacement of galvanized steel pipes used for column applications. With the help of expert professionals, we are doing the stringent quality is checked at every stage of production and ensuring the highest standards, which forms the ball mark of these uPVC Column Pipes. These offered quality imbibed range of uPVC Column Pipes have minimum frictional losses and thus save the pumping cost.

Features of UPVC Column Pipes

Applications of UPVC Column Pipes

Specification of UPVC Column Pipes

MaterialUnplasticized PolyVinyl Chloride Materials
RangeSize From 33mm (1” inch) to 113mm (4“ inch)
Pressure ClassAvailable in Wide Pressure Range and Medium, Standard, Heavy & Super Heavy Duty
LengthAvailable in Standard Length for 3 Meters

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